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Our auction bid paddles are personalized with your custom print and have consecutive numbering printed on one or both sides. You select the start number.

Why Use Auction Bid Paddles?

Bid paddles are a great way for guests to bid and have fun. They also double as a fan when the action heats up. 

Auction Bid Paddles Provide an Emotional Factor. Bidders are more moved when reaching down, grabbing that paddle and holding it up high in the air.

Auction Bidder Paddles are FUN! Bidders love the excitement of the live auction. Paddle raises allow them to see who they are bidding against, activating their competitive spirit. 

Auction Bid Paddles are Practical. Auction bid paddles double as a fan when the action heats up.  Print your event program or your list of auction items on them.

Auction Bid Paddles can provide you with additional advertising revenue. Sell advertising space on your auction paddles.

Auction Paddles get your Sponsors Noticed. Print your Sponsor’s logos on auction paddles to show your appreciation.

Auction Bid Paddles Move Things Along.  The auctioneer will be able to quickly recognize paddle numbers and can move right along at a steady clip. 


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